Life and Style with Claire

“Claire provides a safe, sacred space for women to re-connect with their abundant body wisdom. Through an integrated process of identifying their own bio-individuality, using nutritional guidance, Colour Psychodynamics profiling, personal styling, mental, physical and emotional support, she empowers women to enable their true essence to shine through, so that they may live the lives of their dreams.”

Meet Claire

Having encountered and worked through her own health and life challenges ‘Life and Style with Claire’ founder Claire Edwards understands the very real inter-relationships that can exist between feeling whole on the inside, a person’s relationship with food and exercise, how they present themselves to the outside world through the clothes they choose to wear and how all this affects that person’s ability to really feel at their best with all that is going on around them.

About Me

After undertaking training in counselling, nutrition, eating psychology, personal image, and Psychodynamic colour profiling Claire now brings a fully integrated approach to her work with her clients.
Claire has established a business that helps women who experience challenges around mental and physical health, weight, overeating, body image and more.
Claire is passionate about accessing her clients’ beauty both inside and out.
Born in the UK, but having spent many years in Australia and Hong Kong, Claire brings a truly international flavour to her business.
She now lives in the South West with her husband, two teenage sons and their two cuddly cockapoos!


Being the best version of yourself starts now…