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One to One Coaching

Wellbeing Coaching

You may be lacking in energy, feeling physically drained, emotionally overwhelmed, trying to heal an ailment or even your heart?  Perhaps you want to get the motivation to lose weight or get stronger?  Are you someone who needs to step out of your busy life momentarily, at least, but struggle to give yourself permission?

In these 1-2-1 sessions Claire uses a combination of nutritional guidance, eating psychology coaching, lifestyle interventions and personal counselling to support you to find your way back to you.

Claire usually conducts these sessions online.

Time:  1 hour

Colour PsychoDynamics® Profiling

Knowing your Colour Profile means the difference between forcing yourself to be someone you’re not or stripping away others’ expectations to reveal the blueprint of the richness of who you already are. Knowing your Colour PsychoDynamics® Profile enables you to live the life you love and to unfold and blossom into the person you were born to be.

Colour PsychoDynamics® Profiling, created and developed by Mark Wentworth, is a three-stage growth model for translating and understanding an individual, through the archetypal language of colour. It brings to light natural strengths, highlights possible challenges and reveals latent potentials.

In this session Claire will act as your guide to reveal and translate the colour codes hidden within your profile. The colour codes combined with your full profile become your map for helping and supporting you to become and grow into the greatest version of yourself.

When we give ourselves permission to be who we were born to be, it is one of the most precious gifts you can give to the world, and ultimately to ourselves.

Time:  1.5 hours

Soulful Styling

Soulful Style Session

In terms of style, we often lose touch with who we really are, the qualities of our real self that make us shine. We tend to default to what fashion magazines, shops, celebs, life roles, convenience and friends determine that we should wear and how we should look. But we end up not quite feeling at our best when we know it isn’t who we really are.
This one-hour on-line consultation will help you to understand your authentic style and show you how to express it with ease, you will discover just how good you can look and feel about yourself

This is usually a precursor to either a wardrobe consultation or personal shopping session but can be stand alone.

Wardrobe Overhaul

Ever opened your closet, stuffed full with clothes, and thought I don’t have a thing to wear?

A successful closet is one with the right clothes organized in the right way. This session will help you:
• Weed out the clothes that do not flatter your colouring, fit your body or enhance your style.
• Organise your clothes
• Put your ‘looks’ together from your existing pieces
• Compile that all important ‘shopping list’ for future purchases

This session will help you to create a higher quality cost-effective wardrobe that is easy to co-ordinate.

Life Path Colour Session

During this session you will learn which colours work in harmony with your natural colouring to help you look and feel great
Claire will also introduce you to your very own ‘Life Path Colour’

– Find out which colours suit you and why
– Which colour combinations you can wear (and what they say about you)
We’ll focus on both your internal and external colour
You will come away from this session knowing how to use colour to enhance your body and soul.

Personal Shopping

This session naturally follows on from the wardrobe overhaul, but doesn’t have to. Maybe you want to shop for a special event, an upcoming vacation or even that elusive piece of jewellery……
This is a pre-planned shopping trip tailored to your requirements– whether a special event or a seasonal or a wardrobe update.
Either way a shopping list is prepared and a shopping route planned to take in the best shops to visit given your needs, budget and lifestyle. This session will help you:


  • Take the stress out of shopping
  • Take you through unchartered waters (of shops)
  • Identify the best clothes for you
  • Target the clothes on your shopping list
  • Save time and money by being focused on what is needed.

Time:  1 hour (on-line)

Time:  3 – 4 hours

In person

Time:  2 hours

In person

Time:  3 -4 hours

In person


Soulful Styling with Claire – A one day workshop for women

In this fun workshop you’ll explore and discover your unique, authentic qualities through ‘hands-on’ and insightful experiences.
You’ll find out about breaking fashion ‘rules’ when they don’t serve you and you’ll be guided on how to find a style that aligns with your inner you.
No matter the size of your budget or what roles in life you have, this is a day promising fun and lots of personal insights.

Time investment – 6 hours

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