Colour Harmony and Personality

There are six classic colour harmonies – monochromatic, analogous, complementary, triadic, split complement, double split complement.

1. Monochromatic – variations of one hue created by using tints and/or tones of the one colour or pigment

Effect: calm, reassuring, quieting, elegant

Personality: supportive, calm


2. Analagous – colours that are closely related, such as Blue, Blue Green and Green. There can be three, four or five colours that are adjacent on the colour wheel. Any tints and/ or tones of these can be used.  Only one primary hue is in the grouping.

Effect : expected, stable, interesting, pleasant, slightly more energy than monochromatic

Personality : friendly


3. Complementary – colours directly opposite each other on the colour wheel

Effect : dramatic, energetic

Personality : vibrant, with some intensity


4. Triadic – any three colours at equal points on the colour wheel.

Effect : playful, balanced

Personality : out-going, fun-loving


5. Split complements – the use of colours on each side of one of the complements- remember that the complements are left out

Effect : unexpected, interesting because of the seemingly unbalance because of two to one warm and cool or vice versa

Personality : multi-faceted, adventurous


6. Double-split-complements – the use of colours on both sides of the complements (leaving out the complement)

Effect : attention grabbing, creative, vibrant, active

Personality : multi-faceted, creative, courageous, adventurous, comple